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See a small selection of videos from's online library where you can find all the way from short explainer videos, all the way to one-hour webinars and tutorials.


Project Management

Manage all your team's projects with various tools such as Gantt Charts, Work Load viewer. Easily track all your projects from a single platform. 



View high-level data from several boards in a single, organized Dashboard that will give you a clear picture across all activities.


Deadline mode

Never miss a deadline, by setting up your Date column into 'Deadline mode'.
See how.



Setup automated tasks in seconds to manage such repetivite tasks as: notifications, reminders and job assigments, so that you can focus on the important, human-led activities.



Integrate your work boards to various different platforms such as: Gmail, Outlook, Zoom and many more.
Make work seamlessly with all your other office tools, for sending SMS messges, or launching email campaigns.


"Workload" for Resource Management

Manage the workload capacity at each work station on your production line, or your employee's work hours by using the Workload view. Smooth out bottle necks in your production planning process.


Capture customer data using
the Form View

Say goodbye to manual data entry! With monday forms, turn valuable data into actionable insights.


Create documents that are so much more than just a piece of paper

With monday workdocs you can connect, collaborate, and execute ideas and workflows—all in one place.

Manage all your task in one location with "My Work"

Get a centralised view of all your tasks and due dates across your entire account, via a single, easy-to-use interface.


Send emails from your account, directly from your Monday board

Spend less time switching between apps, and track all your emails and other client activities, directly on your Monday board.

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