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Try for your team

In order to evaluate whether is suitable for your business, we're offering a 30-day no commitment trial period on our Monday platform.


What does the offer include?

  • 45min. consultation call where we'll explore how Monday can best suit to your business needs.

  • Setup a Team Task Board [with a corresponding Dashboard] for you & your team including all the required automations to make your teamwork seamless and productive.

  • Onboard your team onto the platform via an online training session.

  • Provide online support in the early days of experiencing the platform, making minor modifications as needed.

B-Team Tasks.png

How long is the trial period?

You can use the boards at no cost for 30 days


After the trial period ends, you can either:

  • Export your data into Excel files

  • Continue using the boards at a monthly cost of $149

  • Migrate he data over into your newly created account

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